Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What's missing in your life?

I'm guessing that it's episode 15 of the podcast.

More than likely I'm completely incorrect about that, but either way we'll be recording it tonight. Expect nothing less than another 50 minutes about Alan's Alcohol Pledge for Scotland, and some genuine insight into the privacy issues underlying the UK's new Google Maps Street View tool.

We might also yap on about Friend of the Show, Josef Fritzl.

So you've still got time to send us your comments for us to read out on the show. Just comment on this post or if you'd prefer, hit the Skype button to the right of the blog and leave us a free voicemail on our fortheloveofglasgow account.

What do you think about Google Street View?
What do you think about our Mr. Fritzl?

The new show will be available tomorrow here, on iTunes and everywhere else we've sneaked our way into. Thanks for listening