Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Chris Flew from Glasgow

That's my subtle attempt at humour there.

As you all know, I've been getting pretty immersed in Twitter in recent weeks (if you've done so, thanks for following me in the process...if you've not, feel free by clicking the link), and as I've been learning what it all means, how it can fit into my already tragic life, I've noticed that it's opened up for me a few doors I'd have missed completely had I not been tweeting away.

A prime example is Chris Flew. Never heard of the man. But yesterday I saw him twittering away, clicked his profile link, saw he was this independent musician from Glasgow, listened to the songs he has on his site, loved them, and now here I am, yapping about him on a comedy blog.

If you like Elliott Smith (which I do) or Arab Strap (which I do), I'd thoroughly recommend that you fire on over to his website to listen to some samples, and I've also added him to my library on Last.fm you can link to from this blog. If you don't like Smith & Strap, head on over either way and you might be surprised. Like those two, Chris' music is pretty easy listening, but at the same time haunting and a little disturbed - just my kinda thang and perfect to chillax to at the end of a hard day!

For me, a real find and another example of Glasgow's unparalleled prowess in the independent music scene today. Here's hoping you agree & that he has some gigs coming up soon.