Friday, 20 March 2009

SOLD OUT - U2 Tickets Hampden Glasgow

OK, so this morning was pretty crazy.

Clicked onto Ticketmaster to buy some U2 tickets for their gig at Hampden Park Glasgow in August. This was at about 8.57am. Managed to grab some successfully. Happened to look again for more tickets just out of interest, this at about 9.04am. Sold out.

Right now I can just feel the industrial buzz of activity on eBay, as dozens of new pages begin to appear offering those not quick enough off the mark this morning another chance for tickets, this time at a hefty premium.

I wonder what it'd feel like to be Mr. Bono or Boaby the Edge at such moments. I can only imagine that it'd involve, at the very least, sitting in a jacuzzi, sipping liquid gold and being fed real-time updates on how much money is flowing in. That, and a whole lotta Guinness.

I think I'll ask them when I see them in August.