Monday, 9 March 2009

The Killers at SECC Glasgow

Superb gig on Friday night.

Turned up. Had a hotdog. Tomato sauce & mustard. Watched Louis XIV tear it up as usual (although I prefer them in a smaller venue as they're not yet used to the big stage). Then watched the Killers, your man Flowers beginning to look more comfortable on stage.

And I watched the p*ss getting taken out of a guy in front of us, as he was dancing like the Bear in the Big Blue House. And then there was a technical fault when the background track stopped. And then I jumped on stage and talked about For The Love of G...lasgow. And then the crowd boo'd and I was beaten up by security staff. And then I had another hotdog. And then your man Flowers thanked the crowd for being the best in the world. And then I said "you're welcome", but he didn't hear me. And then I went home.

You know, just the usual.

Gigs in Glasgow just can't be beaten. Take away all the nonses who miss half the gig trying to catch it on their mobile phones, the YouTubes, and they'd be perfect. I've written about this before on the site. Coming up in Glasgow I've got Metallica, Joe Bonamassa, U2, Bruce Springsteen and whole load of smaller gigs in between.

This is why in these here parts they call me The Great Glaswegian Man of Music.

They don't really though.