Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Thirteenth: "Razzamataz"

The Thirteenth: "Razzamataz".

In our first ever 3D podcast (it's not really 3D), we start with a quickfire quiz, hurtle forwards on our Wii Fitted snowboard down the slopes of Pancake Day, Lent and Irish cops, and unusually for once, land like Scottish alcoholics on the social media kindling underneath our raging flames of humour.

Set aside everything you thought you ever knew about strip clubs and Little Alfie Patten, and listen until you can listen no more to our dazzling array of exclusive interviews with the stars after the Oscars.

And this time, more's the pity, it's entirely 'motto-free'.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New show coming soon...

We'll be recording again on Wednesday this week, so the Thirteenth should be with you on Thursday - unlucky for some, you might say.

When I say unlucky for some I mean your listeners, you might also say.

Shut yer cakehole, I might say in response.

Amongst other things, like the Ballad of Li'l Alfie Patten, we'll be taking you through the surprisingly outstanding celebrity interviews we managed to secure at the Annual Academy Awards the other night, as well as the disgusting post-Old Firm game reactions. It promises to be unmissable, unforgetable, unable.

Tune in. Puke up. Turn off. As they say.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Snowboarding, Canada, Injuries

Hey folks, my first post direct from the slopes in Canada.

I'm here learning the ropes (boy I wish I had ropes) snowboarding for the first time. Been down a few times now, fell off too many - ever seen a human snowball?!!

The view from up here's pretty breathtaking, although I can't wait for the safety of the apres-ski. Just a little bit different from good ol' Glasgow! If I survive the next couple of runs I'll try and post a photo or two, but to be honest, I'm typing this on Blogger mobile so will likely have about as much success doing that as I've been having with this whole standing on a very thin board & yielding to destiny thing!

Totally rad!!!!
(which I think is short for 'radical')

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Sky is blue once again

Further to my last blog, these Sky guys, they really know what they're doing!

One minute I've got water in my cable, the next, I'm all dry and everything's working perfectly.


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A dark sky ahead

Maybe I didn't show enough sympathy on the last show with Alan's problems with his Sky+ TV, but whatever I did, the Lords of Sky didn't like it, and as a result my own Sky+ has been spluttering at me.

The Sky Guy's coming out to fix it. I'm readying myself for a run towards the window in case he can't fix it...

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Who wants a spearmint?


Big plans just revealed that Glasgow's about to open a new Spearmint Rhino lap dancing club. Apparently it'll be taking over the premises at the old Truffle Club, and it's going through the steps to launch here next month.

Glasgow stopped Spearmint Rhino from opening here a few years back, but rather sneakily the club's getting in by simply transferring the licence of the Truffle Club instead of having to apply for a new one elsewhere.

As is always the case, it's caused a big hoohaa and lots of folks are getting their knickers in a twist about the detriment of women who're happy to dance for money to get them through university and so on, and the appropriateness of such a place in a City which is otherwise known for being so conservative.

So what do you think? Will we organise a For the Love of G...lasgow night out there just to see what all the fuss is about when it opens?

Just kidding of course (?!!). Given that the club's already there and has been there for years now, should it be replaced by another club of the same nature?

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Twelfth: "Massacre"

The Twelfth: "Massacre".

Beginning with a sincerely sincere apology, and then a suspiciously ghostwritten second apology, this twelfth instalment in our increasingly socially-networked series takes you through the delights of Skype, Twitter, GrantPhil Mitchell in the Taleban, Boaby Burns turning 250, an unbiased Old Firm prediction, and provides enough information for you to survive the Valentine's Day Massacre celebrations and the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

Feel free to give us a call if you think our material needs some work.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Brrrrrrrrring ring...

As I announced a wee while ago, we're now up and running with Skype. After a great deal of huffing and puffing, we also now have voicemail.

This means that at any hour of any day, you can leave us a message for us to play during our show. It could be a question you want us to answer, a message of adulation, a fact, anything you like really.

If you don't yet know about Skype however, here's what to do -

1. Click the green "leave me voicemail" button you see on the right of the blog (or click here). If you already have Skype, this will take you to your account and you can simply leave us your message for free. If you've not downloaded Skpye before, it will take you to Skype's free download page, and you'll just follow the instructions there.

2. Once you've downloaded Skype, you can make us one of your contacts by using the 'find people' button on your account, type in fortheloveofglasgow, add us as a contact and give us a call to leave your message, again for free.

3. Listen to the next show and see if we play it on air!

If you don't have an inbuilt or external microphone for your computer, just Google it and you can pick one up very cheaply (to record the show we only use a USB mic, worth less than £10!). Once you have a microphone and Skype, you can call anyone else you know with a Skype account, anywhere in the world for free, so it's worth it even just to save on the phone bill!

We're looking forward to your call!...

Monday, 9 February 2009

A wee break

Just to let you know that I'm still alive!

I've let the blogging slip of late, and that's not about to change for the next few weeks given that I'm completely under the cosh at work at the moment (priorities priorities...).

So you'll find that for a wee while I'll be reduced to twittering away instead of blogging - ah, the comfort of 140 characters! - although you'll be happy to note that on Wednesday Alan and I will be attempting to record another fantastic opus, our Twelfth Night, so if it all goes well it'll be available for download at some point on Thursday.

Thanks again for all your interest and support in the meantime, and keep letting us know your thoughts.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Chapstick Twitter Debate

It's hotting up over on Twitter, or should I say, 'cooling down'?

Whilst all the carping, bleating and pointless posturing goes on about this snowing issue, head on over to Twitter where the real matter's being discussed -

Should a man use chapstick?
If not chapstick, what about Bostix, Blistex, Vaseline?
What about colours and flavours?

Get involved - this issue important to us all must be resolved!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Boaby Chief the Snowman

Having fought my neighbour's little kids in a snowball fight last night (I won - the ol' Headlock Snowball In The Face Move!), in our front garden Tracey and I created what could only be described as a work of art.

Yes, you may think that he looks like the snow-based equivalent of the Elephant Man, but no, you're mistaken -

He's Boaby Chief the Snowman!

Monday, 2 February 2009

It's raining. "Naw it's snow".

Snow fell.
Snow fell heavily.
Snow fell heavily everywhere.
Snow fell heavily everywhere again.

Gritters dispersed.
Gritters dispersed quickly.
Gritters dispersed quickly everywhere.
Gritters dispersed quickly everywhere again.

Except in England...

...which was caught staring into the headlights once again as a result of which Scotland becomes disconnected from the world because London's airports which serve over 50% of the UK's flights and Southern England's public transport networks all fail to grasp what basic things need to be done when they see the same weather forecasts everyone else takes heed of and once again the London-centric news channels all watch the snow land on their little unprepared heads and react as quickly as the village idiot as though the world's about to end whilst the rest of the UK just gets on with it why does this happen every time it snows why is it that a nation disturbingly obsessed with weather reports crumples into a shivering wreck whenever the temperature falls below that desired for barbeques I think I know the answer it's all about the credit crunch our all powerful overlord elite who run and ruin our world enjoying not only a good weather report with its cheerful assessment of our impending turbulent doom and its pointless chatter about altocumulus castellanus but also the inane lazy journalism consistently displayed in the current economic climate that's talked us into recession so why not dictate from above that despite the imminent snowfall the gritters are to remain at the depot so that no-one can get to work and the economy continues its decline tracked with crayons by a tunnel-vision media until weary from all this weather and all these stories of financial pain we step up to the polling station and vote in the Conservatives.

I've had it. I'm off to chuck snowballs at vulnerable kids.