Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Easy peasy ways to donate to Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2009

How easy was that?!!

This morning I donated £1 by simply texting the word CLIMB to 88808. This number was set up by BBC Radio 1 and is in support of the epic climb of Mount Kilimanjaro by Chris Moyles, Gary Barlow and crew, which in turn has been organised to raise money for this year's Red Nose Day on 13th March.

They do all the work, I send in one little text without any need to even break sweat, and Comic Relief gets some money just like that. Easy peasy, and I recommend that you do the same, or donate some of your spare cash on the Red Nose Day Site.

Next year, we hope to be popular enough to raise some cash ourselves. That said, when I put this suggestion to Alan though, he asked if that meant we could keep the cash.

I said "No, our listeners would donate by going onto the Red Nose Day Site, and Comic Relief would get the money".

He said "Then I ain't doing it".

So I said "But what about the starving kids, the vulerable folks in the UK and abroad that would benefit from the money we raised?".

He said "Who cares about them? Charity starts at home. I'm so poor that I watch TV on my Etch-a-Sketch. I'm so poor that last week I was caught trying to use my food stamps in a candy machine. I'm so poor I hang my toilet paper out to dry. So what about me? Eh? What about people like me?".

I said "Alan, if you're that poor then Comic Relief could help you".

He said "Aye, well, ah'm no laughin'!".

I said "Well you will be on 13th March, because that's when Red Nose Day is."

He said "OK then, I think I'll watch that".

I said "Yeah, that's a good idea".

He said "Right, and how do you donate money for this Red Nose Day?".

I said "Well you would go onto the Red Nose Day Site and Comic Relief would get the money".

He said "So they'd get the money?".

I said "Yes".

He said "And we wouldn't get it?".

I said "That's right."

He said "Then I ain't doing it."...

...And the conversation went on from there really. We may come to an agreement about doing something for Comic Relief at some point before Red Nose Day 2010 therefore, and if we do we'll let you know!