Thursday, 19 March 2009

Glasgow on Google Maps Street Level

OK, so it's roasting outside in Glasgow right now, but here's me twiddling about indoors with my computer again.

Someone on Twitter just introduced me to the new (it's probably not new) street level map view on Google. Check it out on Google Maps.

I've been passing the hours therefore, going up and down the street I live on and checking out the rest of Glasgow. It really is outstanding that you can view everything now rather than from just the bird's eye view.

Going on holiday? Want to know what a walk around George Square or Sauchiehall Street would be like? Get a feel for the area instead of just flicking through some photos of it.

Superb or what?!!

That said, the only place in Glasgow that doesn't appear to be on the map is at Alan's flat. When you do a search for it there just seems to be a black space with a skull & crossbones sign over it. Not sure why though.