Thursday, 29 January 2009

Glasgow goes pure Skype man

Continuing on this social networking rollercoaster, in the last week I've been working on bringing all you wacky listeners a little closer by downloading and learning all about Skype.

The long and the short of it is that we've now got a Skype account, and in a few days we'll have voicemail capability.

This means that pretty soon you'll be able to call our number if you have Skype (which is free to download) and a microphone on your computer, and leave a message which we'll be able to magically record and play during the show.

So start thinking about what you want us to yap about. Any questions, gripes about life, anything you like - at the very least, given the disaster that befell us on Tuesday for The Eleventh show, it'll mean we'll have something to fill up the time!

Once we're all up and running I'll let you all know the number to call.

Rrrrriiiiiing ring...