Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Fall and Rise of an Empire

Yesterday I managed to track down those lost words my increasingly huffy laptop had taken from us on Tuesday evening.

However, ecstatic as I was in reaching the understanding that as a result we wouldn't need to record most of our 10th show all over again, the good times ended when I realised that my computer had chosen to break up those 30 minutes of comedy gold into 241 separate temporary files, fragmented and spread apart like the inevitably tragic end of a weary Empire, so if we wanted to use them again we'd have to piece them back together one by one.

I'm beginning to think my laptop doesn't value our work.

So when we (hopefully) complete and upload the show on Sunday, if our voices sound a little strained to you, or at the very least as though they've been torn to sinewy shreds in an epic battle and sutured carefully again as one, you might come to recognise and hail our historic victory, the bitter war from which we've emerged victorious against an extremely persistent and electronic foe.

We'll rebuild that Empire yet...