Thursday, 22 January 2009

The end of Tommy Sheridan

Well, he is no more, that Tommy Sheridan.

Last night he was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House, admitting that he'd only entered it to pay for his ongoing Law Degree.

If you switched over from the Davina McCall interview with Scotland's true socialist leader, you would have witnessed the remaining members of the House lamenting his departure, and discussing in great detail for two and a half hours whether socialism has a place in the show.

I engaged particularly with Vern Troyer's assessment of the economic consequences of introducing a system of direct collective ownership of their weekly food budget via the formation of the Anarchic Housemates Council. At one point, Vern, a staunch libertarian marxist, challenged Coolio (real name Leon "laissez-faire" Ivey) to repeat his accusation that a centrally-planned system of budget organisation mirrored in a free market economy would best serve the interests of the House. In response, Coolio picked up Vern from the floor and threw him in the trash.

The end of a tiresome evening's debate - oor Tommy would be proud.