Monday, 26 January 2009

Eyes to the right

Just to make sure you're not missing the proper bo heatspots on the blog - all the subscription bits you need have now been updated to the right, and you can click on any one your heart desires to join our tragic cult.

Aside from the blog and website, we're now on MySpace, Facebook, iTunes (and all the other big podcast & blog directories), YouTube, Twitter, CafePress (yes folks, we even have our own shop now!), Cyberlosers, WeirdosOnline, TragicGamers and pretty much everywhere you look if you're into social networking.

OK, so some of those weren't real social networks. If someone created them though, you could bet your last penny that we'd be on there in a flash!

So there's no excuse for you not to spread the good word about us or miss any of our new shows. Keep sharing the whole thing with all your little online friends, and no doubt in a few years time when we're kicking it by the pool in L.A. before heading to collect our Grammy, we'll give you a mention and thank you for all your support in those comedically-dark, early days.

My speech would begin with "Ladies and Gentlemen, this one's for Alan. I'm sure his family would be proud...".