Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Ta ta for now (that's what T.T.F.N. stands for).

I'm signing off for 2008 today, given that no doubt I'll be too busy with all the wacky japes and scrapes over Christmas to write anything legible in English. We might squeeze in a show before Hogmanay but I thought it best to tie things up now just in case.

Alan and I can't thank you enough for all your interest, support, encouragement and comments since we started our little venture in August. Since we started we've already had thousands of downloads and have even started building a wee community here and on Facebook & MySpace, a community which we hope to strengthen to a healthy proportion next year.

So 2009 promises to be at least a half decent year for the podcast. I'll be looking to blog a bit more and dupe a serious number of blog-likin' folks over here to comment, although I readily accept that having read all the comments by the blog-likin' folks I've duped to come over and comment, Alan will no doubt begin to rue the day he agreed to join in with this whole debacle (if he hasn't already, that is).

Have a great festive break on us therefore, and unless we do manage to scoop out for you another bucketful of dry, putridly hungover comedy before the year's out, we'll see you again in '09, which we hope of course will become known, mainly as a result of our sterling efforts, as The Year The Laughter Stopped.

Yours aye...