Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Ninth: "Jesuses"

The Ninth: "Jesuses".

In what proves to be a difficult Christmas show for Alan who sits in mourning for his dead fish, we try to cheer him up by reminding him about all the festive parties and Carol Vorderman singing in Glasgow this Yuletide. We also cram in some new features introducing the Broons and a breathtaking 30 second newsround, we start a campaign to rid Chris Hoy of his BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, and wonder why Al the crazy Shi'ite reporter didn't throw a third shoe at George Bush. All such nonsense is put to one side however, when Alan tells us his full-proof plan to win Deal or No Deal.

Happy Christmas everyone, and we hope to be in your ears again before the year is out. And remember Alan's promise if we get to 100 members in our Facebook Group - FIRE IT OVER to all your friends and let's see what happens.