Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Eighth: "Pantomimes"

The Eighth: "Pantomimes".

As we all know, size does matter, so in this, our shortest episode to date, you'll understand pretty soon that it's what we do with it that counts. Bundled snugly into our small package therefore, you'll hear us wonder why Scotland chooses not to celebrate our patron St. Andrew as much as you'd expect, and you might begin to wonder why struggling writers all around the country haven't yet snapped up Alan's fresh concept for a Festive Pantomime. In the main however, this episode's all about Alan, and in this exclusive, unscripted interview with our reclusive, troubled star, you'll have the privilege of unearthing a few of his dark and disturbing secrets.

Thanks for listening, and given that we forgot to mention it in this episode, we're starting a new recruitment campaign called FIRE IT OVER - in the next week, we'd appreciate it if you would join our Facebook Group at, and once you've done that, FIRE IT OVER to all your friends and invite them to join. If you can get one person to download the podcast, we promise you'll feel better for it! Once the Group begins to look a bit more healthy in terms of numbers, we plan to record a special bonus exclusively available to the Group, so if you've not joined up already, head on over and join our growing legions.