Monday, 1 December 2008

Spread the word

We've been settling in over the last few episodes, finding our feet, but now it's time to get serious about building a community of love around our little podcast.

This week when we record The Eighth, we'll be starting a new campaign to get our good word out and about. What we'd like you to do this week is to tell at least 1 person about the podcast and get them to download it.

Tell them to look for it in iTunes or send them the link. Tell them to Google “For the Love of G…lasgow”. If you listen to the podcast in the street or on public transport, hey, why not tap someone on the shoulder and tell them what you’re listening to – give them your iPod if you like!

Either way, just get one person to download the new episode, and let’s start building some momentum.

To give you an incentive to join our growing gang of weirdos, here's another great way to do it:

1. Join Facebook for free if you’ve not done so already.
2. Go to Groups in Facebook, and search for ours – For the Love of G..lasgow.
3. Click on Join this Group.
4. Then Click on the Share button or the link to Invite People to Join, and share it with all your friends.
5. And if you follow these steps and the Facebook Group begins to grow, we'll record a special bonus show exclusive to the Group and not available elsewhere for a while. I mean, the temptation!

So please pay it forward, spread the good word and let’s see if we can build a community of Glasgow-loving losers online.

Much appreciated!