Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Seventh: "Heaven"

The Seventh: "Heaven".

In a continuation of the Scott Docherty Show featuring Alan Macdonald, we race through a load of nonsense in record time. Alan tells us all about how he fitted into the crowd at the recent SECC Kanye West gig, and we ramble on about our mate Jim's night terrors, divorcing trolls in Second Life and World of Warcast, the terrorist baby killer Barack Hussein, and our support of Dead Wife Daniel and Junky Rachel from the X-Factor.

We also provide after-the-fact commentary on the Scotland v Argentina match, and work out what our Official Motto should be. This is why we've experienced a meteoric rise to famedom and were recently given the award for Worst Audio Broadcast of the Year at the Scottish BAFTAs.

It's a goal!