Monday, 11 August 2008

The waiting continues...

You may be [insert here the word 'happy' or 'sad'] to hear that despite my incessant broken pining and scratching at the door, the microphones have yet to arrive.

My only guess is that someone at PC World, the magical wonder emporium from whom they've been ordered, has done some digging and found out for what purpose the mics are intended, and that in a feat of manic desperation has taken them home and buried them hurriedly in a mafia-esque shallow grave somewhere in the back yard, as would perhaps, a dog with a terrible secret.

Thanks for the great comments on the new image - the general consensus seems to be that those five minutes I spent creating it weren't a complete waste of time. Regarding the comments though, I've noted that more folks are preferring to comment via the website rather than here on the blog. Maybe it's because your name doesn't show up there, but please don't be shy, we'd be more than happy if you used the blog for posting your comments, good or bad.

We were hoping to record the first podcast tomorrow night, but if the microphones still fail to turn up I think instead we'll just have to make do with watching Great Britain slip further down the medals table at the Olympics. It's quite the spectacle for those who care!

I'll keep you posted.