Friday, 8 August 2008

New Official Image?

OK, so what do you think?

I've spent, well, at least five minutes thinking up and drafting this image. I'm looking to create an image that will go onto our podcast when it's released to iTunes, so this is what you'd see in your little iPod or generic mp3 player when you download and play each episode.

If it gives you the dry boak just looking at it, don't think twice about letting me know, although I'd recommend a bucket before you ruin your keyboard.

That said, I'd be more ecstatic if you told me that its design, the simple happiness it reflects, with one sauntering gaze has given you the purpose in life you've been yearning for since birth, since the career advisers in school and their witches' brew guidance propelled you aimlessly towards decades of office block hell, towards a need to read this.

The reason for the smiley face is down to the unavoidably triumphant campaign started in Glasgow around 25 years ago, entitled Glasgow's Miles Better (or was it Glasgow Smiles Better?!!), a campaign which signalled the forceful regeneration of a City tarred for years with an unfortunate reputation borne from social depravity and the violence it bred.

And the image of the campaign was the smiley face of Mr. Happy. It was destined to succeed!

So let me know what you think.