Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The expectations of ex-pats

So I received a superb message through the website yesterday concerning the podcast.

It was from some guy called James from Los Angeles. He told me he was originally from Glasgow, and that having read the blog about the up and coming podcast, he's suddenly taken the view that he never wants to return to Glasgow again!

I mean OK, so he did put the usual cheeky parting gesture of 'Ha Ha!', but I'd like to think he meant what he said.

Subscriptions per day hit a new high yesterday (keep up the good work!), and I've been listening to other podcasts by folks like Limmy, Herring & Collins, and those crazy guys from the World of Warcast to get a feel for the true pulse of the nation. All I've surmised from them however, is that our great nation is just one sick collection of wierdos, so Alan and I should have no difficulty in becoming heroes of our time!