Tuesday, 5 August 2008

So what to talk about...

Well, as I sit here like a sodden cabbage by the letterbox waiting for the microphones to arrive, my thoughts are beginning to turn towards what you might like to hear in our little podcasts.

Alan, now, you'll hear him rambling on about how tragic his life is in Glasgow, why he's turned to comedy to mask his inner turmoil, why his only hopes and dreams of hope lie in the impending subscriber stats for the podcast, why if no-one listens, or otherwise do listen and then listen no more as they're done listening to him and his unlistenable lists of grievances, those hopes and dreams will need to be consigned to the trash, along with the carpet in his flat that was damaged in a recent flood of tears.

So that leaves me.

Aside from attempting to curb Alan's regular flailing abuse of this and that, my initial plan is to steer the yapping around what's happening in Glasgow, the talking points in the City and why more than likely we don't care about them, nestled comfortably as we are in our lives of self-importance.

But I want to know what you'd like to hear. Anything at all and we'll give it a go, because whilst I'm absolutely certain that in time you'll cherish as you would a baby on your doorstep our narrow-minded, egocentric, poorly-researched view of the world, a view cloaked to invisibility so masterfully on my website, in actual fact we'd love to talk about what you want, because at the end of the day, we need you as a friend.

So comments and ideas would be much appreciated, and thanks again for continuing to subscribe even though we've not even recorded the first episode (Alan's positively brimming with happiness at this, so please don't pop his balloon!).