Monday, 10 November 2008

Question: Can something come from nothing?

ex nihilo nihil fit?

It's a tough one to think about really.

On a scientific level, if you've followed the evolution of the superstring theory over recent years (I mean if you've not, where have you been?!!), you'll understand that the quantum froth of tiny particles can come in and out of existence temporarily. In other words, something may well be able to come out of nothing, and this has lent itself to an explanation as to how time began.

On a slightly less scientific level, if you've followed the evolution of the For the Love of G...lasgow podcast series, you'll understand that sometimes it's been a great deal more enjoyable for our listeners when we've taken a break from recording and there's resulted a frothing gap of silence in between episodes.

You'll understand that this silence has been a good thing. In other words, something "good" has come out of the silence, out of the nothing.

So it's for this reason that whilst we should have been recording The Seventh this week, purely in the interests of developing our now famously ground-breaking 11 dimensional supersymmetric M-theory of podcasting, we've decided to give this week a miss.

We hope to be back next week with a new episode, an episode you'll hopefully gravitate towards and in which we fully intend to rip ourselves kicking and screaming from the comedic black hole that swallowed us up so ferociously in The Sixth.

Until then therefore, I'd suggest that you brush up by reading some Miemiec and Schnakenburg, so that continuing in our exploration into the origins of the universe, you'll be able to follow more easily our no doubt in-depth analysis of pandas, Gary Glitter, the credit crunch and more.

In the meantime, what did one quantum physicist say when he wanted to fight another quantum physicist?

Let me atom.

Eh? Eh?...