Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Sixth: "Sense"

The Sixth: "Sense".

See what we did there? In our Hallowe'en Special we concentrate on scaring the life out of our remaining throng of Second Life weirdo listeners, by infecting the episode with our definitive guide to the US Election and our spooky take on the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross debacle, supporting our fellow podcasters by calling during the show a certain erstwhile celebrity from Allo Allo.

We also launch our Facebook Group which can be found at, although surprisingly Alan's refusing to join as a member! There's also a few Hallowe'en Special jokes to make your day a little more disturbing than you thought possible, and if that's not enough to propel you over the edge, you can even hear all about our Glasgow Winterfest 3 month podcast we'll be doing in George Square.

Oooooooooooooh it's scary! Head over to Facebook now to join us...