Tuesday, 18 November 2008

In the words of Ray Charles...

"Here we go again".

We'll be donning our recording boots tomorrow night, mainly for two reasons:

1. At the same time our National Football Heroes (or as they're more commonly referred to, 'our National Football Failures') will be getting shreds torn from their pale, weary bodies by Diego's Argentina at Hampden Park, a sight which, although no doubt amusing, will draw only a pigment of our attention. Come on the boys!

2. And we've got nothing better to do.

There's a faint whiff of excitement in the air about the Seventh episode though. I can smell it wafting out of the impossible chasm of silence our little podcast seems to generate. Despite our venture into cyberspace attracting a pleasingly escalating number of downloads every day, the comments sections on this blog and on my website are beginning to look like what I imagine Manchester looked like following the riots earlier this year - thousands of people standing dumstruck in the aftermath.

I assume of course, that the reason for the lack of commenting is because after listening to any given episode, there's not much more for you to say. We've covered all the issues comprehensively.

I may be wrong though.

All I know is that notwithstanding the resulting tears on our cheeks, we'll record nonetheless. We'll continue to lay bare our innermost thoughts, on the understanding that we'll get nothing in return but tables of statistics.

Like I say, we've nothing better to do anyway!