Monday, 27 April 2009

Yey - You can now email us...

As time goes on, the number of people downloading and lapping up our little podcasting venture into comedy cyberspace has been increasing. Increasing, that is, to a fair proportion notwithstanding that in real life, on the streets and putrid gutters of Glasgow, we remain social outcasts. We're like Ant & Dec when they tried to break the US, walking the streets without recognition but in the knowledge that somewhere else in the world, we're like Kings!

However, until now it's appeared that we've been attracting only comedy voyeurs, listeners who like to listen and laugh but remain comfortably in the darkness, away from the light of the stage and the stand-up's searching gaze.

Well, we're accepting this no more!

We want questions. We want comments. We want pictures. We want videos. We want you to start sending us all this to our new email address at

Gonnae just email us eh?