Monday, 20 April 2009

New Ship of Comedy Doom on the Horizon

Fresh from a blissful break from all things Internet this last week, we're absolutely 100% raring to go now. So the Seventeenth show will be a day late.

We'll be recording on Wednesday instead of Tuesday this time, so it should be available to download on Thursday, if that makes sense. The reason for the delay is that tomorrow evening, Alan is being given a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for the Advancement of Scottish Comedy. The award ceremony is being held at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, and is being hosted by Mr. T. I'm not sure if there are any public seating tickets left for the ceremony, but did hear that they're selling pretty fast on eBay, albeit at a mark up of at least 300%.

This week in our show we'll be talking about lots of things. In the last couple of weeks there's been a great deal of conversation pieces like the G20 protestor Ian Tomlinson, the Britain's Got Non Visual Talent of Susan Boyle, and the story about Jedi Cops in Glasgow.

But we won't talk about any of that, and more than likely will focus instead on filling out the silence with loads of pointless jingles involving me destroying the American accent.