Friday, 3 October 2008

The Fourth: "Improvised"

The Fourth: "Improvised".

Returning after a short but eventful summer break, our fourth episode of For the Love of G...lasgow weighs in at just under 60 minutes for the first time, there being little in the way of interesting material for us to work with. So instead we yap on about cancelled holidays, cars rolling into Loch Lomond, why you should think twice before visiting a Hungarian dentist, how the credit crunch has reduced Alan to eating soil & buying shares in oven chips, and all about the importance of Glasgow's forthcoming Alcohol Awareness Week.

It promises to make you laugh out loud when you least expect it, but as we have all come to learn in this time of financial crisis, promises are merely the duplicitous propaganda of the corporate elite to shape the global political agenda. Don't worry though - we don't say anything about that kind of thing, being more concerned rather with why iTunes hates us with a passion!

Links mentioned in this episode:

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