Tuesday, 2 September 2008

We're cooking with gas!

Now, some may well call me a King, or perhaps on occasion "Our Great Overlord".

Sometimes it gets quite embarrassing really, all this kind of adulation. It's like, nowadays I can't walk down the street without the proletariat genuflecting or throwing rose petals at my feet.

So when I tell you that finally the second episode of the podacst now shows up on the iTunes directory, following about a week of my scratching like a wet dog at their door, you can imagine the kind of things I'll now be called in the street.

OK, so you might be thinking that'll be "loser", "weirdo", "scum of the earth", bearing in mind the swelling throng of support for the global movement to rid the world of For the Love of G...lasgow, even if we're still in our infancy!

If you'd like to join that movement, I'm pretty sure they're starting their own website soon, so I'll keep you posted...