Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Third: "Pants"

The Third: "Pants".

'Pants', being the British word for the male undergarment, as well as being our word for something which ain't great (unlike this episode, funnily enough!).

In this, the glossy and much improved third episode of For the Love of G...lasgow, the official podcast of the Top Ten Glasgow Guide, we compose a lovely letter to Mr. or Mrs. iTunes in the desperate hope of becoming a featured comedy podcast. We also blabber on about Alan's return from London to a Glasgow scene akin to Dawn of the Dead, discuss amongst other things our wacky positions on anti-democracy, Michael Jackson's recording of Robert Burns poetry, and how the Japanese police force were duped so cunningly by bits of plastic.

Having tried and failed bitterly to enhance the podcast with some pictures, we still hope tragically that we've done enough in this one to get noticed by, at the very least, the cleaner at iTunes. Even if we're not though, we're absolutely sure that this one's less worse than our previous efforts!

Please remember that we're taking a short break from the podcast whilst I'm on holiday. We should be back at the start of October. Thanks for continuing to subscribe and comment in the meantime!