Friday, 17 April 2015

OK, message well and truly received - You want us back!

Well, kind of anyway.  It's been pretty interesting logging back in and having a swatch at iTunes and so on, as it reveals that despite not having recorded a new episode for a number of years now, we're still at least the most popular podcast in Glasgow.

What that says about Glasgow podcasts I'll leave to you!

Anywho, at the moment we're delighted that you're still out there downloading and listening to our total drivel, and the two of us may well get together with a mic to hand rather than a pairs of pints at some point. Alan definitely has plenty of news items he'd like to comment on publicly, and without the podcast there as a means to this end he's been pretty frustrated these last years!

In the meantime, don't tell him but I've started a new podcast called Glasgow Conversations, so feel free to subscribe and listen!

Glasgow Conversations is a series of interviews with the people driving the culture of Glasgow forward today.
Meet the inspiring people behind the city's festivals, arts and performance venues, cultural experiences, social movements, sports, and more. Listening to these people will give you an insight into their motivations, dreams and challenges as they paint every day a picture of Glasgow that belies her historical reputation.
The interviews focus also on what's coming up in the Glasgow calendar for music, arts, performances, festivals, all described with absolute passion by the folks behind it all.