Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Comeback

What you're about to read could very well be described as the most earth shattering announcement since Ghandi was shot:

On Tuesday, 16th February in the Year of Our Lord 2010, Alan and I will be dusting off the microphone, shuffling ourselves in front of my porn-laden laptop, fixing each other's flaxen hair, and firing ourselves up for the fire crackling Second Series of our little For the Love of G...lasgow podcast.

Expect the expected, in other words the usual tragic nonsense, because after a fair few months' break we're full once again of vim and of glorious vigour, and cannot wait to fill you in on what we've been up to since you last heard our most angelic of voices in your ears.  OK, so I could very well sum up what we've been doing as:

erm, we've been playing the PS3 and our new HTC Hero phones, and stuff...

...but I'm sure as always we'll drag that kind of gold out for at least 30 minutes per show, so tune in, turn up the noise and spank yourself in time with the beat of our comedy genius.

The Twenty Sixth will be with you soon...