Monday, 30 November 2009

A break's a break for aw that!

Just a wee note here to let you know that we're taking a wee break from the podcast.

Call it the end of The First Series: "Bored" if you wish, but we're both concentrating on our respective solo projects for a bit.  I'm doing a new podcast called Glasgow Generations with my Dad, and Alan's planning something far more exciting which I'm not allowed to tell you yet!

We hope to end the first series by doing a wee video to tie things up, well, that is, once I work out how to do a wee video to tie things up, and no doubt I'll post it up on the blog, YouTube, the ol' Top Ten Glasgow Guide and wherever else I can fit it in before anyone notices.

Until then, Alan and I would like to thank what's turned out to be the thousands of listeners to the show who've tuned in and / or commented during the first 25 episodes.  It's been nothing less than an absolute joy to watch Alan grow older with each passing show, and we hope to be with you again very soon.