Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Holy Grail has been found!

I think we must have been skirting in and out of the list recently and may continue to do so, but I noticed yesterday that after months of painful dejection, lonely months spent languishing in the bitter wilderness of independent broadcasting, iTunes has finally listed For the Love of G...lasgow, our little tragic venture into cyberspace, as a featured comedy podcast.

Basically, it's like the Holy Grail of comedy podcasting, or at the very least "pretty cool".

So the most thankful of thanks again to all our new listeners and also to the ones who've been with us throughout, enduring our darker days when more than likely there was something much better for you to listen to.

We'd love to hear from every one of you, so keep the emails and Skype calls coming in so we can play them on the show.